Enough is Enough

Resident Reflections

All I did was turn on the TV to watch while grabbing a quick lunch.  I wanted light hearted fare, something bland to preoccupy my brain while eating, was watching The Talk when the broadcast was interrupted with another special report about a mass shooting, not even one week after the last one in Colorado.  As I watched I began to cry and as I watched, it became increasingly more difficult not to cry.  My hopelessness and sadness increased, my tears increased, it began to be harder to breathe and definitely impossible to eat.  When will it all end, I thought?  Why does this happen in our country?

As Unitarian Universalists we value life more than anything else.  We value human life, animal life, plant life, planet life.  As a Unitarian Universalist, I grieve when these mass shootings occur.  Part of my grief is that it has become so commonplace.  Do we even notice anymore that this is a horrendous act, that this isn’t normal, that this is terrorism?  What is causing these predominantly white men to resolve their issues this way?  Are we raising our boys to see gunfire as a solution to whatever anger or frustration they feel?  Are video games to blame?  Is it our culture?  WHAT THE HECK IS IT?  There has to be a reason that as an evolved species we are acting as Cro-Magnon humans instead of 21st century humans.

Was this an act of terrorism a reporter asked.  How can it not be I screamed at the television screen!  Killing people IS terrorism.

We need to not only speak up and sign petitions, we need to go outside and do something.  Now is the time.  Not just for vigils or marches, but active presence.  We need to be an active presence to stand against gun violence.  Enough is enough.

Ask yourself what you can do.  Reflect on how much you do and be honest with yourself that it is or is not enough.  If it’s not enough, it’s time to act.  We already have a vigil calendared for December 13th in memory of all the deaths by gunfire we have already experienced.  Come that evening to UUCCH, 401 N. Kings Highway in Cherry Hill NJ and let’s become an active presence.  Come on December 13th, show your UU principles and let’s do something to stop the killing.  There are more of us than there are of them.  We can make peace possible again.  We can make life possible again.

Blessings from the heart,

Jo Green

Minister in Residence