A Happy 1st Birthday

October 22nd

Yesterday was my birthday, my first birthday in my new city.  It was really interesting to turn 56.  Somehow my face found out and I have 3 new wrinkles.  How does it know?

So I’ve started to write this particular blog 3 times and I keep changing it.  It’s a hard one to write – to talk about age in America.  If you’re not in the 18 – 39 demographic, it almost doesn’t count.  Especially if you’re a woman.  I’ve been invisible for about 5 years now.  It’s an interesting experience being invisible.  Solicitors in front of movie theaters don’t see me; they walk right by and give their free gifts and coupons to much younger folk.  And yet I’ve never felt more alive, more serene, more happy.  I must be glowing so brightly I’m invisible.  THAT’s what it is!

So I had a low key birt hday this year and that’s okay.  My friend Victoria took me out to a wonderful Thai place and bought me dinner and Lee joined us a bit later.  My first birthday in my new adopted city and it reminded me of my first birthday in LA.  I spent that in a rented room eating Panda Express watching LA Law.  I had been in LA one week exactly.  It was a little sad in that I didn’t really know anyone and didn’t have anyone to celebrate with.  Even my mom forgot to call me on my birthday that year.  But I was excited to have moved there and I looked forward to my new adventure.   In my last birthday in LA last year two of my girlfriends took me out to dinner and ended up not having enough money to pay for my dinner.  That felt really weird when I had to contribute to my own birthday dinner after they asked me out.  So all in all this year’s birthday was actually many steps above!

Aging in America – that’s almost an oxymoron.  70 year olds strive to look 30.  I’ve always thought I’d live to be 126.  I’ve even put that on vision boards that I’ve created.  And it dawned on me the other day that if I actually live that long, I’m gonna have to look old.  I hadn’t actually thought about that before.  My goal is to see the Tricentennial because I think it would be so cool after having lived during the Bicentennial of this country.  Don’t you think that would be cool?  It never occurred to me however, that I will not look even 50 when I’m 126.  So then I had to think, am I willing to live that long and look so completely differently than I do now?  I look in a mirror and I see all the fine lines and mini crevices that were never there before, but that’s just an inkling of what to expect in the future.  So I have two choices: either fight Mother Time with all the tools at my disposal in the 21st century or….  Accept the fact that with age comes wisdom and also AGE.    It is part of getting older for the body to physically change.  So I need to prepare my mind for the changes in the body.  The thing is, I don’t feel one iota differently INSIDE.  I feel 25 inside.  And I think that’s where the conflict lies.  I know inside I’ll feel 25 forever.  I’m sure I will when I’m over 100.  And that’s the good part about aging.  What I feel on the inside.

So my birthday is now over and I have a new number to tell people.  I really liked 55 however.  It was a cool number.  Now I need to look for the coolness of 56.   56 Chevys maybe????  🙂

From my little piece of Mayberry,