Day 20 officially

Hello World –

I know it seems like a big jump, Day 20 already, but this saga actually began on July 8th with the packing of the first box, and this blog just began 2 days ago.  So goes the inconsistency.  For those of you who haven’t been in touch, it’s been an insane last 3 weeks, but the end seems to be drawing near.  It’s nearly midnight so I won’t finish this on July 27th, but know that it was begun then.  If that matters to anyone.  Dates for me hold significance, and I always seem to be looking for the coincidence or symmetry in a number’s meaning.  Such is life as it probably means absolutely nothing.  I am the only one that attaches meaning to it’s existence.

So I’ve driven up the moving van to it’s destination, unpacked 24 of the who knows how many boxes I trucked up there, returned via cabs and Greyhound to an almost empty condo.  We had a tremendous painting party Saturday and Sunday and I’m nearly done with that part of the readiness for the new renter.  Although I don’t have the slightest idea who that new renter is.  That has periodically become a point of worry for me, although I am devoutly believing that the best candidate will appear in the nick of time.  Problem is, that nick of time is getting closer and I need new pics on Craigslist!  So today amidst the replacing of outlet covers and touching up missed sections of painted walls, I had to take my car in to address the low tire pressure light that decided to suddenly appear on my way to Home Depot.  This is when the true test of “everything will work out in the end” belief needs to stay strong.  For I couldn’t for the life of me understand why of all the days I needed to take my car to my favorite tire guys, even though they are always happy to see me and me them, today was really not the day for this to happen.  So….. I didn’t get as far along as I wished, in making my condo look spectacular for this new elusive renter.  And then my handyman scheduled for tomorrow has pushed his visit back a day.  Will this condo EVER get done?????

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.  I’ll let you know how it goes…. 🙂