The First Week Here

So I’m finally posting this after a number of glitches…. Even though it’s my 2 week anniversary of moving, this is Week 1.  Thanks for your patience!

I have DSL again!  And it’s been over a week since I wrote my last post… lots to tell.

So after my first day I really delved into settling in.  I discovered my kitties picked up fleas at Mike’s house so on to the Nirvana shopping center to the Petco there.  I met my own Mrs. Kravitz!  She lives in the purple house next door (seriously) and has a black cat named Buddy and knows every single thing about all my neighbors.  She filled me in on all my neighbors’ secrets and then offered to take my bookcase that won’t fit in my study (even though I did my diagram and thought I had worked it out perfectly to be able to fit), in her van along with many, many boxes I had broken down and off to the recycling center we went.  She showed me where my two story Target store is and I proceeded to buy my NEW RED microwave!  I had to recycle my old one as it took up a third of my counter space in my miniature kitchen, and I absolutely love this one!  Along with my new wastebasket and step ladder to reach things and a new Brita!  It left a pang of sadness in my heart when I remembered the side by side frig I left in my condo down south… the one with the automatic ice and water dispenser… sniff.   How I miss that frig!  But now I have my Brita which will provide me with filtered water as my frig did.  Although the water here is actually drinkable, unlike LA.  At least it tastes and looks drinkable….    🙂  And I also discovered a Petsmart by the Target, so I am animal supply abundant!!  How exciting is that!

So I unpacked the myriad of boxes that I somehow transported down here – I’m not sure how I thought I could fit all of this in 500 square feet, but I did.  And when I figure out how to post photos, I hope to show you all the transition.  Every day I accomplished more and began to clear away the wreckage of my present.  I’ve even hung pictures up and found homes for most of my things.  Some things, I discovered had to be relocated, not sure where things are supposed to live yet, and I’ve had to remove whole drawers full of things and have them live somewhere else.  But I’m sure as I live here longer, I’ll discover where things are supposed to be.  I did discover that when I drop something on my linoleum kitchen floor, it breaks…. Sorry Claudia! One of your red striped bowls bit the dust.

I really miss my washer and dryer!!!  It’s been 12 years since I’ve had to pay to do my laundry and boy is that expensive!  It’s so much cheaper to own your own and I really do miss that.  I had a laundry incident already.  The second day here I used the laundry room here to wash my allergy cover for my mattress and it just wouldn’t dry.  After 6.00 worth of quarters, I thought, I’ll just let it dry overnight by itself, but alas, the next day it still wasn’t dry.  So since I didn’t want to run the risk of mildew I went to a Laundromat that night and spent another 11.00 just to wash and dry my duvet cover, mattress cover and set of sheets…. That’s expensive bedding.  I hope that doesn’t happen to me again.  I really really miss my washer and dryer.  🙁

I began to miss some of the still lifes I created in my condo.  I would go to put something on a shelf or bookcase and realize I don’t have as many shelves as I used to have.  I couldn’t recreate the miniature moments I had created down there.  In some ways that’s good.  I’ve had to become more creative with my imaginings of my cozy home, but part of me longs for the familiar.  I do miss the familiar.  I miss just walking out my door and knowing where I’m going.  I need my Garmin just to get to the Post Office.  And I know that with some patience I will eventually learn where all my necessities of life are in this city.  I just want to know them NOW.  I’ve made 3 trips to the recycling center so that’s indelibly etched in my brain… convenient.  I think I still have one more trip.  I keep finding things I realize I really don’t need and the Goodwill drop off is in the recycling center… convenient again.  I’ve simplified my life and that’s a good thing also.  I’ve realized that the things I thought I could live without are barely missed by me.  It was the fear of letting it go which was actually more traumatic than the letting go.  Some things got packed and moved that should have stayed in storage, but those have found homes in indiscreet places.  I discovered a WONDERFUL new tool, a 6” riser that fits under each leg of my bed so that underneath my bed has become a giant storage facility!!!  Queen sized!!  Probably not the best feng shui, but it sure has cured my storage issues!  And the cats can’t hide under there any longer.  A sad note, Penny has yet to be found.  I really hope someone has taken her home and is caring for her and she’s not somewhere on the streets of Encino.

So I feel like I’ve come back to civilization.  I have a home phone number, DSL and my Dish Network is all set up.  I’m connected to the outside world once again.  I have pangs of sadness living in the unknown.  I have to find a new cleaners, new doctors, new dentist, who will cut my hair like Helen has?????  All the things I took for granted that I knew so well in LA.  My Flip’s tire guys I could trust, getting my special contact lens cleaners down the street from Solley’s, Jon’s Market carrying my Zergut vegetables…. I may have to google those to find out who sells them.  I had a comfortable existence without fanfare down there.  I could walk out my door and know exactly where I was going.  That’s not where I live here.  Here I have no IDEA where I’m going, in more ways than one.

But I’m here and I’m glad and I’m safe and I’m beginning to get settled.  Could I ask for anything more?  🙂