What Are You Waiting For?

I officiated the Celebration of Life for Ed Green on Monday, the husband of one of our congregants, Donna.  It was such a lovely way to salute this man who has left our mortal lives.  I feel I was privileged to know him the short time that I did.  This service was filled with proclamations of his good works, his generosity, his kindness and love.  And at the end of the service, after so many had commented on the wonderful hugs that he gave throughout his life, we each were presented with an ornament holding a ribbon the length of his hugs.  I acquired  one for myself and also one for the congregational holiday tree we will be putting up next month.  It is a memory for those who knew him and experienced his hugs in the past.

Death can be a reminder and an impetus on how we live our lives in the moment.  Do you know that friend that you think about often but really never visit or call because we always feel we have more time?  Do you have something on your bucket list that you want to do but haven’t really gotten around to it yet?  Have you told your family you love them lately?


What are you waiting for?  Sometimes we just need a reminder of the fleeting, transitory moment of life that we live.  Sometimes it takes something like a tragic loss to spur ourselves into movement.  But should it?  Is there a way to incorporate into our lives a routine of staying in touch with those who mean so much to us.  Ed did do that.  He stayed in touch so that by the very end, he had met with friends and family members and gotten to spend some quality time with them.  I was one of those lucky people in that in this last month, I was privileged to know him.  We were able to have meaningful conversations and were able to connect as fellow human beings.  Which is why we are all here on this planet, isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for?  What could possibly be more important than telling your loved ones you love them, looking at that bucket list and choosing one thing to accomplish that will make you happy?  Take some time this week.  Discover what is meaningful to you.  Spread goodness and kindness around.  And throw in some special hugs for those who need it.

Blessings to you all,

Rev Jo