Kind Words

Reverend Jo Green has served as our Interim Minister for the last year
and a half and I know that I’m not the only congregation member who
wishes that we could break the rules and call her as our settled
minister.  Rev Jo came to us at a time when our congregation had been
through a VERY rough year and needed A LOT of healing.  She has been
perfect for us.  She is genuine and human and kind and caring, but she
is also energetic and willing to lead.  Most importantly she has been an
inspirational voice for social justice.  Many of her sermons are what I
call “UU Fire and Brimstone”.  This means that they make us face the
hard realities of current world events, but at the same time don’t let
us wallow in the overwhelming negativity, but instead, offer positive
‘do-able’ tasks that will make our world a better place.  Her sermons
make us take a hard look at how we participate in the world around us
and how that fits with our UU Principles. An excellent example of this
was her Christmas Eve message titled ‘Journey of the Immigrant’.  Rev Jo
and her ministry has been a gift to our congregation and we are stronger
and more unified and active because of her time with us.  We will miss her.

~Jen K.


Reverend Jo Green has been just what my Congregation needed.  She came to our Congregation as Interim Minister in August of 2018, six weeks after I became Congregational President.  She brought the love and energy needed to restore us after a difficult year.  She has been innovative without being disruptive.  She has brought us helpful and encouraging sermons, and made the leaders of our many committees feel valued and supported, even working to restore two committees which were in disarray.  Several members have asked about keeping her as our Settled Minister, but we know we must let her go.  We congratulate the congregation who hires her.

Paul D.


Rev. Jo Green has brought stability to our congregation. After the end of our settled minister’s tenure and the tumultuous first interim year that followed, we were in much need of healing and renewed joy. Rev. Jo has helped us attain both. In the first year as interim minister, she supported and nurtured us. She provided us with numerous opportunities to express our feelings of loss and dissatisfaction. She listened and empathized without placing blame on any parties. She offered warmth and a positive outlook and took time to celebrate who we are as a congregation. This second interim year, Rev. Jo has helped up focus on our identity as a congregation and our goals for the future. She has encouraged us to ask tough questions and make important decisions. She is exactly what we needed and her work exactly what interim ministry is supposed to be.

Rev. Jo is very approachable and has a collaborative leadership style. Our lay leadership has been very pleased to work with her. She shares her ideas generously and advocates for them strongly when necessary, but she does not impose them on us. At the pulpit, Rev. Jo speaks with the same affection and respect for the congregation. Her sermons, always written and delivered from the heart, have comforted and inspired us. Personally, I feel her sermons have become stronger—deeper, farther-reaching—and more impactful over the course of the past one and a half years. We feel Rev. Jo values and appreciates every member and friend of our congregation, and we reciprocate those feelings fully. We will be sad to see her go, but it will be a joy to know that she will make a wonderful settled minister to a lucky congregation.

~Ilze D


We hired Jo Green in 2018 after a trying period in our parish. Her sunny disposition was immediately hopeful and uplifting. She dove right in and wanted to get to know everybody. She appeared at all the committee meetings I was a part of. Every Sunday morning, she has told us from the pulpit: “I am Rev. Jo Green, and I am so happy to be with you this morning!” And you knew she meant it, and it made you glad to be there.
A number of her sermons have been about justice issues such as oppression of minorities or climate abuse. Her heart for the good was obvious and her calls rousing, but I never felt browbeaten, the way some ministers leave you. She always seems to lead by love, encouraging us to engage out of the heart. She challenges the intellect as well. Sometimes she’d give us a golden sentence that would last a lifetime, such as “When we forgive, it makes room for something else; usually, it’s appreciation.”
I have always been given great advice and solace from Rev. Green when a personal issue was troubling me. She’s also fun-loving and enthusiastic, as on our congregational camping trip.
I’m so glad we found her!

~ Don R.


I highly recommend Rev. Jo Green for a position as a settled minister. Her warmth, vitality, kindness and humor shine through whether she is speaking from the pulpit or directly to a person. Our church leadership values and appreciates her collaborative style, which helps the whole group to work as a unit. She will be a tremendous asset to whichever church extends her an offer, and they will be very fortunate to welcome her.

~ De Anna A.