Rev Jo  currently preaches on the East Coast and on the West Coast and is available for pulpit supply.   A few  samples of Worship Services led by her are listed below.


Bravery and Justice

In this year of dissent and discourse, how do we find those qualities within ourselves to help better the world we live in?  Are our Seven Principles enough to make the deep changes in ourselves and the world that needs to so desperately happen?

This Sunday let us explore how we can become brave, how we can bring justice, and how we can add much more kindness to this world we live in.

Sermon 11-24-19

In this holiday service we will examine gratitude, how we feel when we have it, how we feel when we don’t. Can gratitude really bring us joy in times of sorrow or pain and is there a difference when we have gratitude with how we live our lives? In this service before Thanksgiving, may we all join together to share our gratitude and search for ways to bless the world with our gratefulness and sense of peace and harmony.

Sermon 11-17-19

Your Mission if You Choose to Accept it

Our theme this month is mission, the mission of this congregation, of Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation.  What is our mission?  And do we choose to accept it?  Do you still belong if you don’t?  This Sunday we will explore what the mission of this community is and we will also rejoice in those new members officially joining us this morning in our Ingathering Service.


Our theme this month involves taking a look at who we are.  This congregation is doing much work to determine that identity to secure the best fit for this congregation with their future minister.  How do you see yourselves?  What are your strengths and challenges?  We will explore some of the results of the work you did in Appreciative Inquiry last June.


During Memorial Day weekend, we have celebrations to honor those who have defended our country in the past.  But can patriotism go too far?  Can we isolate ourselves too much for what we believe is patriotism?  During this weekend, let us consider how we can still be kind while maintaining the respect we have for our country.


Who Cares for the Activist?

We all acknowledge our admiration for the members of our society who take action, who give service, who rise above diligently each and every day to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. But who cares for the activist, the fighter of rights, the giver of daily service? Let’s explore how to offer social justice to the world without burning ourselves to the ground.


Who is the Prisoner?

We all agree that our prison system is failing society. We all agree that it is injurious to so many and yet we continue to support this system, wittingly or unwittingly. In this month of Justice and Black History Month, how can we begin to change this system of systemic violence that not only damages the prisoner but also injures the captor?


Where Are Our Heroes?

Join us this Sunday as we honor two very important people in our community with our Love Hero Award. And then let’s ask ourselves, “Who are our heroes today and where are they?” They may be right before your eyes.

Little Bits of Gratitude
Mission Peak UU Congregation


What are the little things that pass us by on a daily basis that make such grateful gifts? How can these little bits of gratitude actually make our lives so much more meaningful if we would pay attention to them and give them meaning? Come this Sunday to learn the secret everyone knows of how to be grateful!


Moving on in Ministry

When a minister leaves, people will hold onto memories, both good and problematic of their ministry. We need to acknowledge them, grieve and move forward. Join the Revs. Jo Green and Barbara Meyers this Sunday as we explore the ministries of this congregation and moving forward to a new vision.

Rev. Jo Green reflects on current events, and how a change in ordained ministers calls us to change:


A World of Forgiveness

In a world that seems to be turned upside down, where the news angers us, and we feel the need to strike out, how do we forgive those that have hurt us or we feel are hurting others?  Is there a way to see their side and forgive them for what we feel is unforgivable? Let us explore right relations in the context of our world.

Video recording of Rev. Green’s sermon.  The first few words were not recorded, however, Rev. Green was describing why she had chosen the song For Good to be sung for the service, and how it related to her sermon which follows immediately after her introduction.


When we create a covenant with one another, what does that mean? Are we aware of the implications of covenant?  What happens when we break them?  Join us this Sunday as we explore covenants in our personal lives and how they impact our relationships and our lives.


Water Communion

This Sunday we will celebrate our traditional annual Water Communion ceremony with our new Interim Minister Rev. Jo Green.  Remember to bring a vial of water that you have collected over the summer to represent our connection to each other from the places in our lives.  Rev. Jo Green will discuss our connection to each other through covenant and how we respect and connect with each other through the Unitarian Universalist faith of shared covenant.


How Does Your Light Shine?
Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill 12-12-15

During Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, eight candles are lit, an extra one each day to signify that the miracle grew in greatness each day. How does your light grow and if not, how can you make it so? During our month of Light explore how you can make your light shine.
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Out of the Darkness, Into the Light – Earth Day 2016
Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill
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Sermon: From Fragmentation Into Wholeness

Sermon: Be the Change You Want To See