Goodbye Sally Mustang

November 5th

It’s been nearly 5 weeks since I took my Vista Blue Mustang convertible to the Buggy Bank. I really love this car, but the time has come to say goodbye. It was a choice I made, carefully, and considering all my options, it feels like the right thing to do. It’s only a 2007 and looks fairly new so hopefully it will sell soon. I haven’t been without a car since I was 18 years old. How interesting this will be. What an adventure this will be!

However if there’s anywhere I can go car-free it’s in the Bay Area! The mass transit here is phenomenal! BART has become my favorite mode of transportation. It is always on time (which can be a problem when I run late) and school is only 2 BART stops away. I’ve gone a month now taking it and the bus a couple of times and actually am beginning to like it. I don’t have to drive around searching for a parking space; I don’t have to PAY for parking; I don’t have to pay for car insurance once I sell it, which I’m REALLY looking forward to not paying! There is a sense of serenity I’ve acquired in being car-free. When I first considered selling it, I kept calling myself car-less. I heard someone on campus say they were car-free and I thought, Eureka! What an abundant way to think of this latest adventure! I am free of the automobile, I can walk where I want to go. When I depart BART I can walk directly to a store or restaurant or campus and don’t have to fight for parking spaces. The worry of being in a car accident is gone. The pedestrian is royalty here in Berkeley! Cars STOP for you! It’s amazing. They really stop. I’ll just enter a crossing zone and the cars slow down – it’s almost like magic. I imagined before I made this decision that it would be so difficult to be car-free and it’s proving me so wrong. I have over 30 minutes a day to walk – time to reflect, time to be silent, time to huff and puff up the 500 foot incline that is the last 2 blocks up the hill to school…. THAT part . . . not so much fun. BUT sooo much healthier! I’ve acquired my own private Stairmaster and with a 15 pound backpack on my back, Bob Harper would be proud! I feel completely self-sufficient.

I know I will miss my Mustang Sally. It was my dream car and I loved having the top down driving down Ventura Boulevard. However Northern California is not Southern California. The temperature range 10 months of the year is between 50 – 60 and not really convertible weather. I know I couldn’t do this in LA. There just isn’t the mass transit options like up here and the mind set is completely different. In Los Angeles you are your car. It is your worth. I’m thoroughly enjoying not basing my self-worth on a mass of steel and rubber. I will be walking my environmental talk also, which is amazing. My carbon footprint will be reduced considerably. And isn’t that the meaning of integrity? To walk your talk. I feel good about helping the planet. Everywhere I go now, I’m travel-pooling, whether it’s by train, plane or friend’s automobiles when they offer rides, I never travel alone. I even have 2 feet, so I can walk on the carpool side of the sidewalk… tee hee.

It’s a very freeing feeling. My parking angel that was a gift last year is now sitting on my home altar. She was wonderful while she lasted, tucked in the corner of my dashboard, working her parking magic. (I actually think it really did work as there were times I got some really awesome parking spaces….. 🙂 ). I really would like to actually sell my car however, and experience the joy of having the money to pay my tuition. So spread the word out there. Mustang Sally is for sale in Berkeley.

From my little piece of Mayberry,