The Power of One

A week of change, a week of turmoil, a week of passion.  We were shone this week what one person can do to affect the world.  If that is not an example of individual identity, I don’t know what is.  Greta Thunberg has shown us what one single person can do to change the world.  It doesn’t matter your age, your gender, your country, what matters is your heart and mind.  She brought intelligent, succinct, honest dialogue to the table on the climate crisis.  And people are listening.  The most effective photo I saw this week on the Internet was the picture of her in front of the Swedish Parliament one year ago in November, where she was the sole protester against the world.  Her sign reads School Strike for Climate in Swedish.  And then this was last Friday in New York City.  Just in New York City.





One young woman did this.  Her individual identity is confirmed. She knows what she believes and she lives in that belief.  I admire her tenacity, her courage and her young wisdom.  Don’t we wish we could all be like her in her strength? 

We can.  We may not need to take on the world as she has chosen to do, but we can take on what we are passionate about.  We can take on what is important to us, whether it is a local issue or a national one.  We have to find that inner strength, that passion, that spirituality that will move us forward.  I know that it is there.  I know that sometimes it appears.  I see it in you, sometimes I see it in me.  Every human being possesses a strength that we sometimes don’t believe is there.

What is it you can turn to that strengthens your resolve?  What is it inside of you that you are passionate about?  Discover it, reveal it to yourself and others and then take action.  We must.  It is time.

Blessings to you all,

Rev Jo

Ministerial Musings

We need to stop asking about the meaning of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who are being questioned by life — daily and hourly. Our answer must consist, not in talk and meditation, but in right action and in right conduct. Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the task which it constantly sets for each individual. These tasks, and therefore the meaning of life, differ from person to person, and from moment to moment.

(Viktor Frankl, 1905 – 1997)

Our spiritual theme this month is Individual Identity.  Who are you?  What is your purpose in being on this earth?  What is your best self?

Many of us don’t really know.  We follow and believe what others tell us from early on in childhood and those impressions are imprinted on our brains, sometimes as a lifelong influence.  We need to do reflective work on ourselves, deep inner deliberation to confront those demons and angels that reside in our minds, about ourselves, about how we relate to others, about where we fit in this world.  It’s hard.  It is never easy to confront that which you wish to avoid.  But that is exactly what I’m asking you to do this month.  To confront those ideas and thoughts that do not serve you or others.  What do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror?  Do you praise what you see or do you pick apart and name and criticize all that you see as imperfect?

Sometimes we need to break those patterns that do not serve us and the longer we’ve had them, the more difficult it is.  Try using some of these techniques.  Take a moment to sit quietly, begin to listen to your breathing, and meditate.  Watch yourself calm yourself down.  It could take moments, it could take many minutes.  Then ask yourself some questions.  What fills me with passion?  What did I want to be when I grew up when I was 7 years old?  Has your path taken you there? If not, why not and what can you do to change it?  Is it still a passion for you?


Sometimes just asking ourselves the question provides the answers to us.  Be honest with yourself, see what purpose arises for you.  Then go out and pursue that.  It’s never too late to create that life you are longing for.

Use this month to devote to you.  Look inward, self reflect, process, be kind to yourself.  Then go out and make a change.  Our world depends on you.

Blessings to you all,

Rev Jo