June 24th

I’m moving.  Really moving.  Almost 3000 miles moving.  I’ve been knowing that I was going to begin this, but now it’s become real.  The boxes in my living room are beginning to pile up and it’s getting difficult to walk around as I strew things about that don’t quite fit into boxes.  The Great Drive begins that will take me from San Francisco to Philadelphia, two great pillars of culture in our country.  From left coast to right coast, it will be an adventure. 

I’ve given away my couch and TV and a friend is taking my pair of parakeets that would not make this cross country trip.  I just gave them away today and I feel sad.  I am officially pet-less, at least for the time being.  It feels so final.  I miss their sunny chirping already.

I’ve gone through boxes that I had in storage that I hadn’t looked at in years.  Coming across old letters from an ex showed me in painful symmetry the sequence of the relationship that went from kind loving love letters to hateful recriminations.  How interesting that was.  20 years later it didn’t hurt, just gave me a lot of insight.  I can see the benefit of leaving that relationship so clearly now and remembering then how difficult it was to make it.  It would have benefited me to make that decision much earlier, but I guess that’s how I learn.  I needed to get to that point.  But wow, how I can see it now. 

There are programs and souvenirs of events I attended that I insist on keeping.  When they fill 3 boxes worth with no scrapbook in sight is that really necessary?  I shredded 6 bags of shredding and brought them to the bunny rabbit store for them to use as bedding and they were delighted!  So much better than just throwing in recycle.  At least my old mortgage statements are being put to good use.

So here I am, after so long not blogging, I feel the need to begin again.  I spent so much time in school writing reflections and papers and projects for classes that I never seemed to have the energy or time to write for pleasure.  I hope I’m back.  The road is open once again.  I look around and all my possessions are in transition yet once again.  Moving is so representative of transition.  I’ve always enjoyed change when it came at my prompting as this has, but…..   There are so many emotions that accompany change that I really don’t want to deal with sometimes.  It’s been 4 years since I began this journey and here I am again ……..moving.   With so many intentions to write silently moving past me like mist, I hope this time I can begin again.  There’s something about beginnings that offer a fresh and new perspective.  I miss writing.  Why is it that the things I love to do somehow never get done?  Time to reprioritize!  Setting a new intention to begin again.  (smile)… once more with feeling, Louise!……


From my little part of Mayberry,