Day 1 near Yosemite

July 22nd

So as I was driving down the 140 with a female peacock in the passenger seat, I was admiring the wooded mountains and the beauty of the Foothills. Yes you read that right. I picked up a female peacock in a dog carrier in Merced for Ruthie so her male peacock would have a companion to make him more homebound. He tends to wander off. This may make him more of a homebody. I had previously stopped to buy her 2 loaves of cranberry raisin bread with walnuts from the famous Acme Bread Company in Berkeley (yum!) that she was craving so desperately and was equally enthusiastic to pick up her peacock for her too. I even got used to the odor of peacock in the car after awhile. (smells a little bit like chicken…) They do have a distinctive odor. She was a fairly docile bird, flapping her wings as we bounced over potholes, but she did calm rather quickly at the sound of my voice. “Have a soothing tone when her feathers get ruffled,“ were my instructions, and I followed them along with slightly petting her through the holes of the light grey dog carrier she was kept in. Very soft feathers I must say. And she definitely had an attraction to male singers as opposed to female. She was consistently quiet when Paul Simon or Ray LaMontagne came on, but only seemed to give a 7 or 8 to Sarah McGloughlin. 🙂 Ziggy Marley kept her very peaceful especially… she must be a reggae peacock…. 🙂

So I arrived with peacock in tow to my friend Ruthie’s farm, somewhere near Yosemite off a freeway, a highway, a side dirt road leading to a barely two wheel-rutted path. She is out in the boonies. Along with her 3 horses, 2 goats, 2 roosters, upteen chickens, gaggles of geese, ducks and turkeys, 5 dogs, 18 cats and now 2 peacocks. It really is another world out here. Her horses are beautiful, white with copper colored paints, and very docile. Sugarplum, Sugarpine, and Acorn. Everywhere I looked, there was life. I saw animals in every nook and cranny. Out in the middle of nowhere, with a view of the Sierras off the front porch that could keep me in pure bliss. This farm house of hers is full of life.

I helped her patch a fence where the year old filly kept punching through – we were 2 Pioneer women! We took the dogs on a walk to the pond and sat and watched them jump and play in the water. The rooster continued to crow and the cats snuggled up to me and all felt right with the world. It was a much needed peace after the legal jungle I’ve been plowing through. A much needed respite. We even drove into town and saw “Horrible Bosses” and had a continuous belly laugh through that entire movie! What a contrast coming back into the modern world, but oh, it felt good to laugh! And here I sit once again in the quiet of the night writing, by hand, as I don’t have reception on my laptop… no wireless here. I’ll have to post later. And it is indeed quiet. The animals have all fallen asleep – even the roosters are silent, with an occasional goat bleat or cat playing with something heard in the distance. It really does feel like a little piece of heaven right now.

Until I write again….