End of Term!

Catching up…..

December 20th

Finally I have completed my last paper and emailed it to my professor.  Has this semester already gone by?  My first attempt at being a student has been successful!  I’ve got one semester under my belt and only have 3 ½ years to go…. Ugh.   I’m sure it will pass much too quickly as most of my life has.  I feel as if I can breathe a great sigh of relief though.  I’ve gotten good reviews from my advisor on my progress and any worrying I may do about it would be worthless.  I now can only wait to see if I’ve passed. Fortunately or unfortunately, however you look at it, we are on a pass/fail system, so the pressure for the A grades isn’t there.  I just need to pass.  And in another measure of futuristic education, we no longer receive grades in the mail.   Of course, where else?  We can look them up online in a couple of weeks.  It’s been a stressful two weeks, finishing our group project, which we believe was a successful presentation, completing 4 papers and then finally this 10 page paper at the end.  And I’m only going part time.  If I reach my goal and get some free money next year, I’ll attend full time and all of this will be doubled.  I read 8 books this semester, although the term read is a stretch – it was more like buckle down, underline, highlight, re-read three times until it sinks in.  So much of what I’ve read seems to have gone in one eye and out the other.  And more than that I’ve learned what not to do and how to do it better next Fall.  Combining work, school and Christmas, I’ve discovered, is the ultimate challenge.  Next year I’ve definitely got to start baking my famous cookies before Thanksgiving.  I can parcel out my holiday duties and work them in if I begin much much earlier.  I didn’t buy my Christmas tree until today.  And I haven’t even started on my Christmas cards, barely began my annual Christmas letter, and only have a wreath on the door for decoration.  I did get some cookies made for our last class which were a great hit, but alas, the rest remains undone.  It’s nice though to think I have one less area to focus on.  And that’s been another success I think.  I actually focused this semester.  Nearly every night after work or class I would come home, eat dinner, and study for 2 hours.  I kept myself to a schedule and there were moments where I didn’t, but there were more moments when I did.  I studied one day at a time.  That should be the definition of progress.  One day at a time. 

I have almost 5 weeks off until the beginning of the next semester, how I’m looking forward to that break!

So I hope the rest of the world is enjoying the holiday.  I’ve missed the lights and the parties and the shopping, but I’ve got 5 days where I’ll try to squeeze some of that in.  I look forward to staying in Sacramento for the weekend and this time Sequel isn’t sick.  I’m starting to get into the spirit of the holiday and I hope you all are too!

From my now restful little piece of Mayberry,