I Left My Heart In San Francisco

 Okay, so this post is a bit late…….

September 28th

I went to the City tonight.  Met Gina, my friend of 23 years (we can’t believe we’re this old or we’ve known each other THAT long!) and Nicole, her daughter, is now nine years old.  And adorable.  We met at the Ferry Building and had a lovely dinner outside the seafood restaurant and watched the water lap underneath the Bay Bridge until the lights came on when the sun went down.  It was so gorgeous and I have so fallen in love with this City.  Through some fluke of Yahoo and their contact list, when we thought we had lost touch, here my blog appears one day in her email.   And the friendship lives on!  It’s amazing what technology can do isn’t it?  It’s an amazing way to connect, but a not so much way to really communicate.  I believe that they say we are becoming less human and more isolated just being online too much.  I love human contact.  It’s wonderful to blog, I am really enjoying this when I do, but I could not exist without actually speaking to people and seeing them once in awhile.  I’ve learned this so much with my online class.  I miss the interaction in person; it creates much more fodder for dialogue and thinking.  My ECO class is dynamite!  I am getting to know my classmates and I think I’ve finally learned everyone’s names.  Maybe not their surnames, but at least I know their first names.  In my online class, I don’t know anyone, except for 2 people who are in my ECO class.  I can get a slight impression from their writings and responses to the units online, but it’s just not the same.  I really like being IN class.  Must be that Catholic upbringing and 9 years of Catholic school.  I am used to school desks and classrooms.

We walked up and down Market for a bit, looking for gelato, but everything was closed.  No worries, it was an absolutely gorgeous evening and I was CARRYING my coat, not WEARING it!  Balmy could almost be used to describe the temp, I think we set some kind of record  in the City.  It almost felt like back in St. Louis at the end of summer… except it was The City.  I love that they call it The City.  Which reminds me I need to get the next installment of the Tales of the City books and read them.  I’m really in the mood now.

So on the BART ride back, I had the most interesting conversation with a 14 year old.  As we both straddled the aisle and hung on to poles for dear life, we struck up a conversation.  I’m not sure how but we got on the topic of movies in the ‘80’s and this young woman knew about John Hughes and Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink and actually LOVED this era!  And could speak knowledgeably about it.  She lived in Sacramento and her dad had taken her into the City and spent the day.  She showed me a very cool lipstick she’d bought and she liked my nail polish shade.  We talked about DSW – must be the universal connection between all women no matter what age!  And coincidentally we both had footwear on from that store.  I really liked her boots.  And all of a sudden my stop was here and I had to jump off, which was sad as I was really enjoying my conversation with her.  There was no generation gap and we both spoke thoughtfully and respectfully with one another.  Nice.  And I had only a 3 block walk home to my nice warm bed.  What a lovely evening – a trip to Raleigh on a Saturday night … . . .

From my little part of Mayberry,