Musings in an Airport

My dad had cancer 3 times, although on his death certificate the cause of death reads pneumonia. My mom had breast cancer, yet died of heart disease. My two aunts died of breast cancer and a dear friend Roger Borden, died of cancer too. And now my second favorite kitty in the world has it and I have to watch the deterioration of a living thing yet one more time. It was hard to leave on this trip knowing that he is in decline. I have left him in the very good care of my dear neighbor Mrs. Kravitz and the incredibly talented, pill-giving vet tech Meghan. I know he and Callie are in good hands. They will just be lonely for a week as I won’t be there. And I have to have faith and trust that they will be alive when I get back. If not, there’s nothing I can do. It’s this part of letting go that is so difficult for me sometimes.

But I’ve discovered that when you give to others, others give to you. When I sent out a plea to my Brain Exchange women, I received the most compassionate and caring responses that I never expected. One member is even a cat empath and on Tuesday when I actually had an appointment to put Sequel to sleep she said, no he’s not ready yet. And it’s Thursday and he’s still with us. He’s a feisty one she said, and maybe even in denial. How like humans are animals…. or vice versa.

So here I sit in the Phoenix airport awaiting my connection. I could have flown faster to New York. But it was a cheaper fare to connect from Oakland to Phoenix to LA. Such is life. I had to go out of state to go to Southern California… tee hee. I have had my traditional Café Mocha from Starbucks…. This time it WASN”T decaf… 🙂 and a delightful cranberry muffin that did the trick early in the morning. I haven’t flown in a while, but it’s still the same. In fact Oakland went so quick through security, I had over an hour and a half to wait to board. June 9th must be a good morning to fly out.

I’m looking forward to my visit. I haven’t seen my cousins in 3 years or more and it’s going to be so much fun to catch up with them. We’re coming from 4 states and 6 different cities so it’s a mini-reunion in some respects. Zac’s graduation is bringing the older generation together and that’s nice. We shouldn’t wait for a momentous occasion to reunite. We can create our own momentous occasion to get together… hey I should suggest that.

So goodbye Berkeley and Phoenix, I am now on the last leg of my journey. More to come when I get my laptop charged up again!

From the traveling Mayberry-ite……