A Night Off

November  19th

There’s a steady rain outside.  It’s actually very soothing.  Midterms have passed and this month is nearly over.   I’ve been here over 3 months now and am a little surprised it’s been this long.  And I’ve decided to take the night off.  No studying, no typing, no reading of chapters.  I need a break.  I won’t get one however until December 15th.  I am SO looking forward to that day. I’ve got 2 papers and a project to finish by then; that part I’m not looking forward to.  But when I reach it my first semester back will be under my belt.

I had a momentary pang of homesickness the other day.  As the cabinet door was banging against the stove that will only open about 10 inches before it hits it, I was remembering my old kitchen with a dishwasher in it.  I don’t have one now and have a new form of therapy in washing dishes by hand.  I haven’t done that in about 20 years, but it’s like riding a bike.  It all came back to me.  In my little kitchen I can stare at my chicken picture hanging above the sink as I wash and rinse.  I did an experiment too the other day.  I can stand in the middle of my kitchen and touch the wall with one hand and the counter on the other side of the kitchen with the other.  How convenient huh.  Tee hee….. I do have a bar type counter on one side of my kitchen though and it makes it handy to have some counter space.  I’ve been looking at this kitchen wondering how in the world I’m going to make my 75 dozen Christmas cookies this year to give away.  That should be my worst worry.  I am so grateful to be in a one bedroom apartment.  I have fellow students renting out rooms and I think that would drive me insane.  One bedroom and a cat one friend has.  And the cat has to stay in the bedroom all the time.  Poor kitty.  At least my two have 3 rooms to run around in (I’m not counting the kitchen.  🙂 )  Sequel is on antibiotics, not feeling well once again.  But this time it seems to be much easier to keep him inside.  Maybe he’s resigned himself to the fact that I’m the alpha here and he’s begrudgingly letting me drop a capsule down his throat twice a day.  He gets a treat afterwards, so it’s not all awful.

So here I sit, listening to the rain hit the gutters and driveways and making little sprinkling sounds that is very soothing.  It actually thundered and lightninged and that hasn’t happened in years.  It doesn’t thunder and lightning in LA, at least for the 17 years I was there.  It may have once, but I don’t remember it and I don’t think it happened in the Valley.  This reminds me of my childhood, listening to the rain.  It’s turning everything cold once again.  So much for the lovely warmer weather we had.  The sweaters have come out again.  One good thing, I picked the best time in my life to move to the Bay area.  Now that I’m over 50, it doesn’t matter that I don’t wear shorts and halter tops any longer.  🙂 Sweaters and jeggings hide a multitude of sins.

So I’m taking a night off from reading about Calvinism and Unitarian identity; Universalist theology and their vision of the self – although I really am enjoying reading Clarence Skinner.  It’s interesting that in one of my past lives a Skinner was significant.  When I studied psychology B.F. Skinner was a major force in my learning.  And here comes along another Skinner.  I have tie-ins like that all the time in my life that offer me a bit of solace that I’m on the right path.  It might not mean a thing, but I give it meaning and it helps me to think I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.  I must be tired; I feel I’m officially rambling now. 🙂

So ends my evening off in my little piece of Mayberry.  My thought for the night – Enjoy the sound of the raindrops and you will find peace.