And then there were 2

August 1, 2010

So today is the day to depart.  The bags are packed, the kitties have been inspected by the vet and I’m all set to go.  I have Sequel and Callie in their carriers, having given them their ¼ pill to put them out on the drive and Penny is nowhere to be found.  Mike and I searched for 45 minutes; I played the fake out game that seemed to work to get her to the vet, but today, alas to no avail.  We pounded tables, shook furniture, Mike even turned the vacuum on, but no sign of Penny anywhere.  So I had to leave without her.  I am now Penny-less.

I’m missing her already.  This poor cat has already had a traumatic life and she’s only 4 cat years old.  And I had her for 2 years and 5 days.  Maybe it was her time to go another route.  Maybe it was God’s way of making my property manager an honest woman, as she refused to put down on the landlord’s addendum that I had 3 cats.  She recorded 2.  And 2 it now is.  Penny was just too afraid to come out and now she’s been left behind…. Kind of an analogy of life sometimes.  I hope Mike finds her and I’ve given him permission to give her to the no-kill shelter, but he says he can keep her for a while.  We’ll see what happens.  So say a little prayer for her that she is happy somewhere.  She’s had 3 owners in 4 years  that I know of so I know she’s a traumatized little kitty.   I just hope she is safe and happy.

So I began my journey and lo and behold as I came within a mile of Grapevine, Free Bird again began to play, this time on KLOS.  Not making this up.  Sometimes the Universe has symmetry, sometimes it has odd messages and sometimes, it might  just be coincidence, but I think it was at least a happy accident and a good omen.  The cats in their carriers were wedged between other boxes stacked high in my little Mustang and barely made a sound.  Once they began to go under I could tell, because their meows turned into eeeaarrnngggggg noises….. which was kind of cute.  And once in awhile they would semi-awaken with an errggg noise, but mostly it was me and my music on the road.  American Idiot and Neil Young, is actually a nice combination on the open freeway.  I had a slight incident with my Garmin towards the end.  It actually did not tell me to turn from the 580 to the 80 so I missed my turn, but only lost 14 miles and I was here.  Gloriously moved!  And it was still light out.  I was unloading my car when a neighbor pulled out and said this is your parking space, I was just using it.  So I jubilantly pulled into my COVERED PARKING SPACE with the STORAGE COMPARTMENT in front of it!!! God is so looking out for me.  I have a space for my Christmas decorations!  Hot dog!  Annnnnddddd  I don’t have to worry about the salt air ruining my paint job.  I had been thinking of getting a car cover and now I don’t have to.  Talk about good omens.

So the cats wandered for a bit, which doesn’t take long in 500 square feet and quizzically looked at me like, mom where did you bring us?  I’ve asked myself that question these first two days and wondered myself what I’ve gotten myself into.  But I’ve done it, I’m here, so I’ll have to see what’s in store for me next.