Day 24 The Finale Approaches

Tomorrow is the day.  I pack up the cats and me and as much “stuff” as I can stuff in my car and off I will go.

The condo is done, done, done!!!  I went back today to touch up a few things, paint the door that was forgotten and the walls I needed to correct, and now all is well.  The condo awaits it’s new tenants.  I gave it a blessing and wished for the new residents to love living there as much as I have these last 12 years.  I walked through each room, remembering the potlucks and parties laid out on my dining room table, the view I had sitting at my computer seeing the tops of palm trees, remembering Sequel running up and down the steps.  It was indeed bittersweet.  But the time has come to move on and I know that more exciting adventures await me up north.  I almost took photos and decided no.  My memories are sufficient and I want to remember this place full of life, not empty with space.  It’s more beautiful in my mind right now.  Although it does look good!  Why did I wait sooo long to fix the kitchen faucet???? I could’ve enjoyed it working so well when I was HERE.  So a lesson learned.  Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.  It’s much more enjoyable.

I’ve had a more relaxing day than I’ve had in a month.  I have 5 bruises on my right leg and 4 on my left that I hope will fade quickly.  And my skin is acting like I’m in high school again, so I really need some skin care!  Avon Gold Jar to the rescue!  I sincerely hope I’ve lost some weight.  I wouldn’t know as I’ve packed my digital scale 🙂 along with so many things I miss having. And I’m reallllyyyy going to miss my washer and dryer.  I haven’t had to pay to do my laundry in I don’t know how long… so we have a little laundry room in the new place and I’ll have to start saving quarters again… can anyone say starving student???   It’s been 25 years since I got my Masters and now I’m getting another one.  Who would’ve thunk.

So another miracle happened today.  I had a neighbor that I wasn’t on the best of terms in the past.  In the last year or two we’ve actually been very cordial and today I asked her for help in finding a tenant as she is a real estate agent.  We weren’t friends, we weren’t enemies.  But I read somewhere once that to ask a favor of an enemy confers some forgiveness, so in some way, I think I’ve made a small amends.  She’s delighted to help and get my commission… tee hee… no really, we are on very good terms now and I see a tenant on the horizon very soon.  She is right next door so can show my unit at any time and that is a comfort. 

So I leave Los Angeles the better for my time here.  I’ve had a glorious 17 years, sometimes tearful, many times joyful, and even if I never move back here, a little part of it is in me and I hope, a little part of me is in it.    I believe I will be an Angeleno forever.

Good night Los Angeles.  Sweet dreams.