Magic Winds

It was extremely windy today.  The magic winds blew in.

I had two magical days in a row.  Yesterday was amazing  I started the morning getting a phone call from the Reverend at a UU church in Berkeley to interview for the Part Time Office Manager position there.  How perfect would that be!!!  We spent some time on the phone discussing the position, the congregation and my availability, and he was very warm and friendly and I think I’d like to work there!  It would be ideal, working in a UU church while I become a UU minister.  We will see.  Whatever will be will be.  I’ll keep applying to things, but send out good vibes for this one!  I interview next week!  Yay!

The magic kept coming.  I opened my mail to see a bill from 24 Hour Fitness for $29.00.  Nuts, I thought to myself, I didn’t cancel that.  I had a 3 year membership I’d taken out 3 years ago and I thought this was for a monthly charge for a new year’s subscription.  So I call and get wonderful Melissa on the phone and she says, no, that is your YEARLY rate to stay a member.  What?????  $29.00 a year???  Yes, that’s true.  You got in when we used to have that policy, even though we don’t have it any longer.  So I said than sign me up!  Even if I only use it twice this year, it’s paid for itself.  Hot Dog!!  I felt the magic coursing through my veins.

So I let Sequel outside for the second day in a row and that darn cat, I didn’t pay attention to where he went,  and when it came time to leave after dinner, I had to go with him still outside.    Be safe, I told the dark night, where he must have been hiding somewhere.  Onward I went to my first meeting of the Brain Exchange here in the Bay area.  Magic personified!!!   Here I was about a mile from my place with a group of 28 women in a brainstorming session.  I had always wanted to attend the LA group and never seemed to get there.  So when I got the referral from my friend BJ to attend the original group, I made it a point to rectify my past behavior.   I went.  What a group….. I mingled and listened and joined their Yahoo group and was able to ask a question the next day regarding my finding a tenant.  They meet once a month, you can ask any question you want if time permits by drawing numbers from a box.  Of course I pulled the last number of the night so they never reached me, but when I asked the question online from the Yahoo group, the brainstorms just poured into my inbox.  What a wonderful opportunity once a month, to get to know women my age, make connections, network, find the resources I will need….. my next question is where do I find a hairdresser like Helen????  🙂

Friday morning began late cause I overslept.  🙂 But no matter.  I got a call from my realtor who said she had found a tenant for me that signed the lease!  I then walked to my nightclub movie theater and watched Eat Pray Love at the second afternoon matinee.  I felt like I was walking on air after I left that film!  I loved it!  I had read the book and I allowed the movie to take me to other places, even though the magic in my life was going strong.  I really didn’t need to step onto the screen except to visit the wonderfully exotic places they visited.  I had been to Italy but not India or Bali and they are on my bucket list.  I even got popcorn WITH BUTTER!!  Talk about decadent.  I just felt good.  I allowed myself to eat buttered popcorn.  And I didn’t stop there.  After the movie ended, I took a walk to my Nirvana shopping plaza and got a double dutch chocolate scoop on a sugared cone.  I kept the magic going.  That turned out to be my dinner, but what a great dinner to splurge on once in a while – popcorn and ice cream!!  It was a bit windy walking home, but I didn’t care.  It felt too good of a day.    I came home feeling excited and hopeful and refreshed from the good long walk.  And also to a check in the mail!  I had begun to become fearful I wouldn’t find a tenant as I’ve already paid double for the month of August and feared I would be doing that for September as well.  Hopefully my new tenant will turn out to be reliable and dependable and take good care of my condo.  Since the magic winds are in town I am going to believe that it’s so.

From my little bit of Mayberry,


August 20, 2010