The Magic Winds Continue

Well a week has passed.  Another great magical week.  I love these magic winds.  I hope they keep it up.

I have had many wonderful walks to my Nirvana shopping center.  It finally got warmer  and that was so glorious to feel the sun on my skin again!  I got to wear shorts and short sleeves and it felt like California once again.  I had my interview at the UU church for the part time Office Manager and I got the job!!  It feels so perfect to be there; I mentioned to my soon to be new minister/boss that it felt like it was an apprenticeship in what I hope to be.  I’ll learn the inner workings of what happens in a church.  I’ll need to know that some day.  Tomorrow on Sunday he plans on introducing me to the congregation (what will I wear) and my first day of work is the day after Labor Day.  I mentioned that this felt like a gift from God to have a position like this to learn from and he said he felt the same way about me!  A mutual admiration society already and I’ve only just begun.  Orientation is next week for school so it’s going to be a busy week.  It felt like God kind of planned a celebration week for me this week when the magic winds came in as it is just timed perfectly.  My bestie Chris came in from Sacramento on Thursday afternoon and we went into the City to see Wicked!  Me for the third time, he for the second.  It was as magnificent as ever of course.  And BART dropped us off RIGHT IN FRONT OF the Orpheum Theater!  How convenient.  We think Elphaba was the same actor as the show we saw in LA, but since my program is packed away, I won’t be able to compare for awhile.  We rode BART, on the way back and took the wrong train… tee hee… so we got to see lovely San Leandro from the rails above.  Conveniently we got off and took the RIGHT train back so there was not a connection needed.  And I got a lovely compliment from an inebriated gentleman about my fierce shoes…. Chris glared at him to keep him away…  🙂  Yeah that worked Chris… (actually it did)  But that’s the subway for you.

On Friday we went into the City again after a lovely brunch at the café by my home owned by Otis!!!   I have my own Otis.  I truly do have a piece of Mayberry.  Although this Otis never drinks and makes extremely good food!  Again we walked everywhere, in fact the 2 days Chris was here, we never used a car once.  It was feet and BART that got us around and that was really nice.  We met Chris’s friend Jay near Powell Street in the City and I found the DSW!!!  Now I know where it is and I can get my great shoe bargains…. Although I’m a student.  I keep forgetting. … 🙁   We stopped in Saks and got little free samples of wonderful perfumes by Bond, very cool.  We had a hearty late lunch before Chris started on his trek back to Sac and I had a free night!

I am all settled in.  I went to Ross and found a remarkable chest I can use for a coffee table and store all the bedding in for the sofabed.  Score!!!  And this time Callie can’t scratch it cause it’s wood… ha ha on you cat.  I have figured out ways to outsmart them.  That only took 12 years.  There was a tiny crack in the bottom that no one will ever see so she gave me an additional 20% off.  It’s magic.  I’ve had almost a daily walk to the Nirvana plaza and it feels good to start getting some regular exercise again.  I still haven’t heard from the landlord yet.  I sent a request in on an ingenious idea I have – to enclose the area under my 3 storage cabinets to store my bike in.  It’s still sitting in my living room…. Booo….  Chris thinks it looks cozy in here; that’s a polite way to say every bit of space is taken with something in it.

But I’ve hung all my pictures and trinkets and set out my still life of clocks and photos and tchotckes and it feels like home.  I’ve even made peace with my laundry room.  I’ve successfully had loads completed for about 3 weeks now and I generally only need one dryer round to dry out all my clothes.  Yay!  It costs 3 bucks a load to wash and dry and I’m REALLY missing my washer and dryer when I start to add each week to the total.  Man, it really pays to own.  Mom always said you have to have money to make money.  I would add, you have to have space too!

I’ve rented my condo, albeit it’s had a bit of drama attached to it, but it seems I have a renter and we’ve both signed the lease.  I put the top down on the drive back from the interview and got to enjoy some California sunshine.  I don’t want the winds to die down.  It’s been really enjoyable.  Let’s see what next week brings.

Sayonara from my own little Mayberry,


August 28, 2010