Transition in 12

August 16, 2010

So I’ve been here 2 full weeks!  This last week has been a bit easier than the first one in terms of getting organized and more settled.  That’s a relief.  And I could tell I started to slow down a bit.  I even had a couple nights where I slept for 10 hours. …. I must have been tired.  I emptied all my boxes and put them in the recycle bin, found a place to have my phone plugged in in the bedroom so now I have my 3 phones all hooked up (a bit overkill I must say), went to see The Kids Are All Right at the matinee in what I’ve discovered is a decadent theater near me.  Believe it or not, there are rows of seats with tables in front them, like a nightclub, which felt very strange while watching a chic flik, but also kind of neat.  So I have a nightclub movie theater to go to.  My apartment sized refrigerator got replaced, thank you Barbara the Property Manager.  The old one had condensation on the outside of the frig, a missing knob so I couldn’t turn down the temperature, consequently I had frozen milk and frozen OJ, something new and completely different.  The light would only come on when you flicked the catch AFTER opening the door and the vegetable drawer was missing.  Think I’ll miss that frig????  So I got a shiny new white one that doesn’t have any of those defects and promptly went to Trader Joe’s to replenish my food supply.  I had been afraid to buy too much food, since I knew pretty much after day one that it was going to be replaced.  I began to hang pictures which really made me feel more at home.  I experimented a bit with hanging different objects with other pictures and I’m not so pleased with the results, but I can always move them later.  I HAVE to figure out how to put these photos on my blog.  Haven’t figured that out yet, but I love the progression I’ve watched my rooms become.

I got caught up with my DSL and actually started to watch TV again.  Warehouse 13!!  I was in withdrawal.  And Drop Dead Diva.  I’m nothing but eclectic I must say. What episodes I missed I could also watch on Hulu, so I’m all caught up.  Isn’t modern technology amazing?

After 12 days of being here I also finally got my mailbox key!  My landlord had also been on vacation and had the key, which Barbara could never give to me.  It was really interesting though, the substitute mailman was so kind, that he would stop by my door every day I was home when he arrived, and gave me my mail.  The regular postman, I discovered, is in Europe on vacation right now, (is this why our stamps are going up???) and I’ll get to meet him next week.  The first day I tried to get my mail, I was at the Post Office when the postman actually was at my apartment trying to give me my unemployment check.  I’ll never do that again!  I’ve discovered though that when the mail is delivered, it’s like Floyd’s Barber Shop here.  I’ve met more neighbors now while getting my mail.  I met Mike who’s grandfather actually built these buildings and found out that my building used to actually be a warehouse and they transformed it into 4 apartments.  I must say the insulation is outstanding.  I never hear my neighbors and this must be due to the fact that they changed this in the 40’s so it was built like buildings used to be built.  I have archways for doorways and all the walls are curved at the corners like in the 40’s and I love that about my place.  It’s a good solid building and I can feel that just living here.

I met Janet and Diane who live in two apartments in the opposite building from me.  Janet is a teacher and just spent 50 days in Europe!  How cool is that!!!  We all stood in the courtyard talking and comparing trip adventures, with Mike adding comments from his balcony above,  for the longest time and it felt like I’d come to live in a small town.  They gave me all the tips on the laundry room (yay!) and how long they’d been here, I think 18 and 15 years respectively, and it was a nice feeling to start to feel a part of.  Mrs. Kravitz came by too, of course.  Mrs. Kravitz has the brightest red hair I think I’ve ever seen.  It’s like an orange-red, except for the grey parts near the temples that she seems to miss when dying.  She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and isn’t at all as mean as Darren’s Mrs. Kravitz seemed to be.  (tee hee)  We’re all about the same age with no children and it’s a nice feeling to find other people like me.

I walked to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning and stopped for a cup of Peet’s Coffee, decaf nonfat mocha of course.  This was a GREAT Farmer’s Market!  Soooo colorful, with Indian musicians playing and I even bought a couple bags of Moong Dal, Sukhi’s spicy treat!  It’s toasted lentils to put on salads and such and so yummy!  I got fresh green beans, red and yellow peppers, juicy, juicy purple plums and fresh spinach.  Now that my food won’t freeze in the refrigerator, I could safely buy the things I knew would keep.  I came home and made a wonderful dinner and watched Nights in Rodanthe which I’d never seen and cried my eyes out.  How lame!  It was so relaxing though!  To sit with my cats and watch a chic flik and eat Dreyer’s Slow Churned French Silk!  What a nice evening to have.  I’m starting to feel like I live here and that’s a nice feeling.

Until next time from my own little Mayberry,