Day 23

I am totally and completely fried.  The last few days have wiped me out.  It’s Friday night and I need to post.  So you may be wondering, where is Jo in the saga of the condo?  (I made a small rhyme.)  Well, Brian the handyman appeared yesterday and lo and behold he completed my fix it list!  And I called Karen the cleaning lady and she spent last night and most of today, painstakingly scraping itty bitty pieces of paint off of my hallway wood floor and making it look amazingly new!  God love the friends who came to paint, but inadvertantly stomped and pressed paint splotches and drops on my wonderful wood floor!  Today the Chimney Sweeps appeared and my fireplace is Duraflame coating free!  Whilst they were in the midst of this, I had the distinct opportunity to encage my 3 kitties in their 3 respective cages and take them to the vet so I can get approved to drug them on the drive this weekend!  Thank you God!  Callie bellowed the whole way to the vet office, so there is NO way I could handle her distress and whineyness for 5 hours.  So I now hold prescription pills for my cats in my hot little hands.  Now mind you, it took 2 visits to do this as Penny refused to be found and was secretly hiding somewhere in Mike’s house.  So I traisped the 2 cats to the vet 20 minutes away, dropped them off and came back, faked out Penny by sitting on the couch watching TV and when she came to see me, splat, she was in the carrier!  It worked!  So they are ready for the journey and I could return to my condo headache.  And it did become a headache…. Karen took the office screen off and couldn’t get it back on, I discovered the bathroom door was not painted and the 2 walls I redid in the master bedroom need more work.  I did a haphazard job thinking I could, but… I couldn’t.  So even though Gerardo the fantastic carpet cleaner came and did my carpets today, I still have a bit to do tomorrow… please pray that tomorrow is the end!  I am so anxious to get up to Berkeley and start my new life.  And I don’t want one hindrance at all to prevent a renter from falling in love with this place as I have loved it.  It has indeed been pure joy living here.  I have loved every minute and hope I find a tenant who will love it as much as I have. 

So up to tonight I’ve also gotten keys made, taken 2 more loads to the Salvation Army, got my storage organized, went to the bank, to the Post Office, given Marianne a trunkful of things that won’t fit in my car to pick up from her in Monterey next weekend (yippee I have a reason to visit Monterey, even for a day!)  and took Marianne out to dinner tonight for her birthday tomorrow.  It has been a full week.  There were moments I just wanted to sit down and cry, but then, a worker would show up to fix the source of my frustration, or a cat would jump in my lap and purr.  Mike has taken me to breakfast at Zig’s three times this week and treated me, friends have called to say goodbye and wish me well and made me feel so much better.  And I’d have a memory, like the cab ride to the bus station in Oakland, where the cabbie turned around to me and said, You are really a beautiful woman, and I felt transported to Hot in Cleveland.  The Bay area could really be a great place to live!  Until the next post……sweet dreams.